In accordance with the belief that names and natures often agree, one's name is not merely an appellation,but also a reflection and expression of one's character.

The Japanese language features three distinct type of characters- hiragana,katakana and kanji.Japanese names are most frequently written in kanji.Each kanji has its own finely nuanced meaning,and parents give great consideration to the names they bestow upon their children,using names to express their hopes and dreams for the child's future,as well as their expectation for the kind of person they wish the child to become.

We would like to provide the opportunity for non-Japanese individuals to have their names written in kanji.We often you this opportunity to create your own name by selecting kanji on the basis of meaning and pronunciation.

Our goal is to work with you to create a name in kanji that reflects your character and lifestyle,a name which will last a lifetime.We also provide you with a personal stamp,or hanko, bearing your kanji name. Hanko have been used in Japan since ancient times-the hanko is considered an individual's personal signature.

We offer hankos that are made of water buffalo's horn.Water buffalo's horn has been considered to be a symbol of strength and believed to have a special power since ancient times.It has long been used to make hankos as top-grade material for its tenacious quality.

Why not have your name translated into Kanji?

It will also make a great gift for your friends!