Kanji Name Only Kanji Name and Hanko set Special set
Special Set

We create your kanji name that reflects your character and lifestyle, a name which will last a life time.

A hanko is a seal used by individuals and corporations to stamp a name in ink onto a document. It is used as an equivalent to a signature or signing your initials.We create a water buffalo's horn hanko with kanjis that are selected especially for you to reflect your own character.
Your personal contact cards featuring the selected Kanji name. Staying in touch with family & friends will be much easier with contact cards.Impress your friends,strangers,or clients with the unique personal contact cards.
A certificate featuring your name written in Kanji,including an explanation of the meaning of the each character,written on washi.

  (Accessories are subject to change whithout notice.)

Keep your hanko in this leather case to protect it from damage. The interior of each case features a beautiful embroidered Oriental design.

This mulberry card case will protect your personal contact cards from damage .

The furoshiki is a square piece of cloth traditionally used to carry or wrap items. It has largely been replaced by modern handbags and has over the time lost its popularity as a practical everyday item, but the recent increase of interest on traditional values and items has sparked a revival. Today, the furoshiki is used to wrap gifts and is appreciated for its aesthetic value.

We offer the set for
We can make tattoo sticker, name plate, T-shirt or folding fan with your kanji name on it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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