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Send us e-mail and / or fill out the order form
お望みのタイプやその他確認事項をお聞きするメールを送信させていただきますので ご確認後、返信ください。
We will send you an e-mail to confirm what type of our products you are ordering and to ask for other information we need. Please check the mail and reply.



We will be asking you to make the payment at this time if you are ordering type A.


Within seven days from the confirmation of your payment, we will send you a list of potential kanjis for your name in PDF.


IF you are ordering type B or C, we will send you a list of potential kanjis for your name in PDF within 7days after confirming your order.

[ Example . John  →  慈遠 or 慈音 or 治穏 ]

Based on the detailed information we provide you, you will choose the kanji you wish to use for your name.

※支払い書を記入してお支払いください。 送料はお住まいの地域により変わります。 事前に支払い書とともに送料の詳細をメールにてお送りいたします
※ Please make all payments by filling out the payment form. Shipping rates vary depending on the destination. We will provide payment information via e-mail




Upon confirming of your payment we will begin production

Completion and Shipment


※ We will inform you of the estimated day of arrival via e-mail.
Please allow extra time for completion and delivery if you are ordering from overseas.

If you have any questions, please Contact us