We offer you the opportunity to create a meaningful name in Kanji to last a lifetime.



In order to s hare aesthetic beauty and profound meaning of kanji with people from other culture, our president founded Enough Heart Shrine succeeding Trade name of its predecessor concern 豊心堂 . We offer you your name in kanji, a name with personalized significance and meaning to last a lifetime.



means “Enough”
means “Heart”
means “Shrine” or “Shop”.



Company Name: Garten.inc

Trade name : 豊心堂 (Since 1926)

Address : 6-3-6 Ginza, Chuou -Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

President: Kenji Takeyama (5 th President of Houshin-dou )

Contact: arigatou@hankomark.com




Founded in 1926,our company specializes in the design and manufacturing of traditional Japanese personal stamps.

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